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Dr Jeffrey Yu has over 10-year experience in academia and industry covering environmental engineering, environmental science and environmental consulting. Dr Yu strives to deliver tailored environmental consulting solutions with integrity, innovation and quality. Quick response, value-added and outcome-driven environmental solutions.

Contaminated Land at Riparian Zone and Watercourses

geotechnical consultants Sydney geotechnical consultants Beneath the Surface: How Geotechnical Consultants Shape Infrastructure Success Geotechnical experts are the hidden heroes when it comes to laying the basis for a strong and effective infrastructure. To make sure that constructions endure the test of time, they probe under the surface and examine the characteristics and movements of …

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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Material Management

Several Australian states have introduced tighter restrictions, aimed at preventing exposure to silica dust, including stricter PPE standards and tightening occupational exposure limits for silica dust. However, businesses and PCBUs are reminded that they are responsible for workers’ health and safety and are required, so far as is reasonably practicable, that they are responsible for …

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